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Quality Standards:



Criollo Chocolatier takes chocolate confections beyond the next level of taste, enabling the Chocolatier to achieve newfound confectionary delights with any cooking or baking needed. With the various options available, we are able to produce a product that fits your exact needs.



Our chocolate and other products are lovingly and carefully created in an exceptionally clean and green environment. Our products can be processed below or above 118°F. Criollo Chocolatier adheres to providing the highest quality standards and utilizing the latest technologies to achieve the healthiest chocolate for your needs.



Chocolate is not only used as a flavor enhancer and mood stimulant, it is also beneficial to your health. Cacao has been enjoyed for its healthful and metaphysical properties for centuries in South American cultures, including the Mayans and Aztecs. We give you a decadent new option to enjoy this powerful, mind expanding food of the ancient cultures.

Flavonoids that are abundant in raw chocolate can protect your cells against damage by free radicals, which can help to prevent premature aging.

Flavonoids in raw chocolate are good for your heart, as they can help to prevent stickiness of platelets, which are cells that play an important role in blood clotting. Aside from that, they can also help your body produce nitric oxide, a compound that promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.